Initial meeting: flat-rate fee

Determining a strategy with our clients is of utter importance during the initial meeting. The duration of the first meeting is at least two hours. We charge a flat-rate fee for the initial meeting regardless of the time spent.

Hourly rates/Flat-rate fees/Exceptions :

• Hourly rates :

As experts in our field, our fees are determined by the time one or several Solicitors spend on a case, whether for analyses, studies, document drafting, phone conversations with clients or other parties, meetings.
• Flat-rate fees :
Included in our flat-rate fees: preparing for and appearing in court hearings, drafting of motions to institute proceedings and conclusions.
• Billing exceptions :
Our billing does not include work-related travel in PARIS and to outlying suburbs, case opening fees, administrative fees, photocopies, subscription to legal databases and postal expenses.

Outcome fees :

According to the legal outcome of certain cases, may it be a court agreement or conviction, we require an additional fee proportionate to the client’s obtained compensation.

contingency fee agreement is systematically drafted and signed regardless of fee options.

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